How a Session Works

How a Session Works

Deep holistic healing for mind, body, and spirit.

The Session

A hypnotherapy session typically lasts for 3 hours and consists of a pre-talk, the hypnosis portion and a post-hypnosis chat. If your session is in person, you will be relaxed and comfortable on a reclining chair with the option of cushions and a blanket. (If your session is online, you will be lying on your sofa or bed at home.)

just breathe

What to expect while in hypnosis

Being in hypnosis will feel no different from you simply feeling as though you are in a very natural, relaxed state of awareness. Your eyes will be closed and we will be in continuous dialogue. You will not be sleeping or unconscious at any point during the session – being aware and conscious during the hypnosis portion is necessary for you to overcome the issue, gain understanding and wisdom and experience healing. As your conscious mind, although passive, is awake and aware, there may be times during the session when your conscious mind is chatting away and you may wonder whether you are in fact in hypnosis. This is very common and I will simply guide you deeper into hypnosis.You will also be able to remember your experience in a similar way to recalling a dream but with more insight and clarity.

And relax

A Typical Session

30 Mins
Pre talk

In this part of the session, we will go through an intake form together, and then discuss in more depth the issue you wish to address. I will then talk to you about what you can expect during the hypnosis portion and answer any questions or concerns you may have.

2 - 2.5 Hrs
Hypnosis portion

While in hypnosis, we will work with your subconscious mind to find the root cause of your issue to understand why you are experiencing the issue today. My main focus will be to help the root cause version of you to be happier and healthier, and merge that earlier version of you with ‘you’ today so that you can feel lighter, happier and more at peace.

15 - 30 Mins
Post session chat

The final part is a short discussion that will cover any key points and insights from the session. I will follow up with you 2 days after the session to see how you are doing and again after 12 days when you have fully integrated.


Allow yourself to be guided and supported on your healing journey.


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