Reiki Sessions

just breathe

What is Reiki?

The word Reiki translates to ‘universal life energy’ from Japanese. This high vibrational energy is all around us and flows through us keeping us alive and functioning every day. Reiki is also a hands-on healing therapy in which the practitioner places their hands on or lightly over a person’s body to clear any stagnant energy or blockages that have built up around and within the body, bringing it back to a state of balance.

and relax

How does Reiki work?​

A Reiki practitioner serves as a channel for the healing Reiki energy; the practitioner does not decide what needs to be released or when, the wisdom of the client draws the energy in and sends it to where it is most needed. As the energy flows through the body, it relaxes all the muscles, slows down the breath and heart-rate, allowing the body to naturally heal and rebalance. Reiki also supports the release of unprocessed emotions, enabling you to positively shift the way you think, feel, and function in the world.

And let the energy flow

How does it feel?​

Reiki feels like a deep, peaceful state of relaxation in which a glowing radiance flows through you and around you. You may experience twitching or tingling, a sense of lightness or floating. You may see or feel colours or swirling lights; memories may come up or you might have visions or insights. You may also have a deep emotional response or release. Individual responses vary greatly and often differ from session to session.
75 - 90 Minutes
In-Person Session

In-person sessions are held at The Inner Healing Rooms, Gang Patas 1, Padang Sambian, Bali. Sessions typically last up to 90 minutes.

60 - 75 Minutes
Distance Reiki

Distance Reiki is as powerful as in-person Reiki. All you need is a stable internet connection and a quiet place where you can lie down and not be disturbed for 75-90 minutes.


Allow the wisdom of your body to send the energy where it is needed.